"the best view comes after the hardest climb"
-william james


From 2009-2012, Green was represented exclusively by Movimento Arte Contemporanea Gallery, Milan, exhibiting in national solo exhibitions and group shows as well as major art fairs including MiArt and ArtVerona. During this time, Green began exploring new subject matter.

It was at this point in her career that Green commenced experimentations with phosphorescent paint combined with an investigation of the notion of duality manifested in her signature double scene paintings, and culminating in the solo exhibition, “L’Era delle Stelle” at Ego Gallery, Lugano in 2013.  This was the first time Green exhibited her phosphorescent paintings under Ultraviolet light. 

In 2015 Green held an Artist in Residence at 30 Upstairs Gallery, Wellington, with her exhibition “The Light is my Shadow.” In 2016 Green joined the stable of Van Rensburg Galleries, undertaking solo and group exhibitions in New York and Hong Kong, alongside a variety of international art fairs. Since then, Green has honed and developed her use of humour and positivity to explore the conflict within the freedom and identity of the “inner child”. 2020 saw Green’s practice evolve further with the exploration of a complex triple scene painting technique initiated during her Artist in Residence at the Chateau d’Orquevaux,


Veronica Green ( born 1984, Wellington, New Zealand) is a painter of Italian and Polish descent, currently living and working in Venice, Italy. Green is recognised for her mastery of phosphorescent paint and double scene paintings under Ultraviolet light.


Green studied at Massey University, Wellington and graduated in 2006 with a BFA (HONS).


Since graduating Green has exhibited extensively in both national and international art fairs, solo and group shows. In 2008 Green received an artist in residency at Spiazzi Gallery, Venice. Shortly after she became represented by Melori and Rosenburg Art Gallery, Venice. During this time Green explored themes around religion symbolism and mythology inspired by her culturally rich heritage.




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Biennale Spaces | Solo Show | 19 April - 5 June 2022

The Exhibition 10 - Minute Window by New Zealand artist Veronica Green  is composed of 5 artworks that are to be admired through different lights and settings. Lighting, whether bright or absent, is indeed the focus of the show, as it is complementary to the viewing of the paintings that, through alternating moments of light and shadow, reveal their true ambivalent nature. Through a specific florescent pigment that glows in the dark, the five pieces have devised to be visible in the shade.

Opening and closing windows become then a performative act that enables Green's audience to fully appreciate her work while also offering a subtle nod to the culture of the city where the show takes place: Venice.



When life gets blurry adjust your focus

Sure enough, a distinguished feature of Venetian cityscape are her windows, which open up onto the water, the calli or the palazzos, offering a glimpse of the peculiar architectures they call home. This constant search for light becomes even clearer when we take into consideration the idea behind windows: to turn shade into light-where whole pieces of wall were torn down to make way for double, triple, sometimes quadruple -part windows. At night, the shutters, the famed "veneziane", rest" they are shut only to be re-opened the following morning, tracing the routine of the people and the house to which they belong. Opening them in the morning is a habit, a custom, a guarded ritual.

10-Minutes; as the light bounces off the water and the palazzos of the city, it proves to be an endless source of energy and inspiration for the city's inhabitants and the countless generations of artists that have tried to capture its beauty Window wants to pay homage to this very tradition: as the light bounces off the water and the palazzos of the city, it proves to be an endless source of energy and inspiration for the city's inhabitants and the countless generations of artists that have tried to capture its beauty. And it is this very energy that flows through the windows of the exhibition, opened and shut at ten minute intervals. This performance, together with the artworks, aspires to create in our audience a sense of isolation and disconnection from our everyday lives so that, watching the children that colonize the canvases, contemplating infinte horizons, one may get back in touch with their inner child; their hopes, dreams and goals.

When the windows re-open, they'll be ready to dive back into the world and into Venice's magical light.

"the best way to predict the future is to create it"


Veronica Green ' The Light of my Shadow- second scene,' 2015 | Mixed media and phosphorescent | 200 x 300cm | Sold

"lets wander where the wifi is weak"


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I make art as a means of maintaining and nurturing my own personal well-being. The meditative act of painting allows a temporary escape from reality, thereby igniting introspective cognitive thought processes; an inner reflection if you will.

Revelling in an inimitable silence that allows me to feel like I’m completely myself without the burden or weight of self-doubt. It’s an opportunity for the subconscious to speak uncensored and without interruption - no bad ideas, no right or wrong, but a safe haven where mistakes do not exist. It is through this process that I am able to respond honestly and intuitively to other aspects of my life.


Throughout my career I have discovered multiple sources of inspiration which have informed my work; travel, difference, the new. Naturally, I have also been inspired by many artists and certain aspects of their artwork, drawing inspiration from the variety of techniques and materials used - the overall effect of which has helped me to grow as an artist. The work “Faust” by Anna Inhof created for the German pavilion of the Venice Biennale in 2017 deeply resonated with me and increased my awareness of the social engagement needed to create a great work of art. I also remain intrigued by the work of James Turrel, Yayoi Kusama, Marina Abramovic as well as children’s books.

Over the years, there have been major developments in my work, the most significant being from 2008 where architectural dream-like landscapes saw the introduction of figurative elements and the prominence of collage in 2009. 2012 is when I began experimenting with phosphorescent paint and subsequently incorporating it into my practice as a staple medium. In 2013 the double scene was formally introduced, in 2020 black paintings and the ‘Limitless series’ saw the third scene of my works become central. Perhaps not surprisingly, each of these periods marked tumultuous events in my private life.

I would say that, ultimately, my practice reveals my general attitude to life; take what is thrown at you with a sense of romance, humour and levity. I believe that art serves multiple purposes but the most important should be that of creating an irreversible, positive impression on the viewer.

I would like my audience to walk away with a feeling of wonder and nostalgia, awakening their inner child. I invite my observers to take a dip into the world I have created and, if nothing else, to experience a humorous and inspirational moment that reminds us we are doing great outside of the confines of the canvas.

Veronica Green

Venice, 2021

Veronica Green ' Launch,' 2020 | Mixed media and phosphorescent | 50 x 40cm | Sold

"life is tough my darling but so are you"
-stephanie bennett-henry

Veronica Green ' Inner World, Outer World - third scene,' 2021 | Mixed media and phosphorescent | 200 x 300cm