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Alice's World
  • Alice's World

    € 13.500,00Price

    180 x 200cm 

    Mixed media and phosphorescent painting

    Glow in the dark, Triple scene painting,




    In this painting we are presented with a scene rich in symbolism, inspired by Disney’s depictions of the characters from “Alice in Wonderland,” Alice and the Queen of Hearts. Both characters have been selected for their easily identifiable and relatable personalities.   Green believes that there is a little bit of Alice in all of us and that we are doing our very best to navigate our way through this crazy, exciting and challenging life. There is no doubt that we all know someone who is the Queen of Hearts, cruel, uncompromising and angry. How we deal with our Queen of Hearts is up to us in how and if we can move forward. Throughout Greens practice she has referenced these characters often, using them as a tool to provide encouragement and support when faced with difficult life choices.   Green uses a mix between her own symbolism with that of more traditional and cultural. We are shown playing cards, which would seem to symbolize dealing with the hand we have been dealt. We see poisonous mushrooms that demonstrate the potential danger of the road that lies ahead. Eucalyptus trees are used to represent the division of the underworld, earth and heaven as believed by the Aboriginals. Rivers are associated with changes in values, personalities and morality. Clouds, stability and positivity. A sign telling us “When life gets blurry, adjust your focus,” motivates us to internally reflect, adding our own interpretation to the painting whilst sinking deeper into the canvas.   

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