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21.000 euros

200 x 400cm, Mixed media and phosphorescent paint, triple scene painting, 2024

'Perspective,' currently exhibiting at this years 60th Venice Biennale of Art in Green's 'From Where I Stand,'  is crafted with paint and mixed media, delves into the themes of identity and influence from a unique perspective. Drawing inspiration from korowai, traditional Maori cloaks, this work symbolises prestige, leadership, and responsibility. Green employs three distinct scenes under varying light to explore these facets, inviting views to reflect on how identity shapes and is shaped by our environment. This multi-perspective approach offers a nuanced view of identity, emphasising its complexity and multifaceted nature.

Chaos to Order
14.500 euros

200 x 200cm, Mixed media and phosphorescent paint, triple scene painting, 2024

'Chaos to Order,' is a painting that looks at the process of consolidating fragmented experiences and influences into a cohesive identity. Through the juxtaposition of different scenes and the interplay of light, Green captures the dynamic and often tumultuous journey of self-discovery and the establishment of one's place in the world. The use of Korowai motifs not only anchors the work in Maori cultural heritage but also speaks to broader themes of leadership and the weight of responsibilities that come with it. This painting is a profound exploration of how personal and cultural identity intertwine, evolve, and ultimately find harmony admits the chaos. This work is currently showing at the 60th Venice Biennale.

Green Lagoon
13.500 euros

200 x 190cm, Mixed media and phosphorescent paint, triple scene painting, 2022

Green's 'Green Lagoon' serves as a foundation for her exploration of abstraction, employing a diverse range of materials including paint, pen, gold leaf, and spray paint. Exhibited during the 59 Venice Biennale of Art and then again in Green's exhibition 'Brighten Dark Spaces', this particular work diverges from Green's usual incorporation of collage and figures, focusing instead on a intricate array of shapes, textures, and varied brushstrokes. Her primary interest lies in the act of mark making and the playful interference of pain illuminated by UV light, which evokes a sense of unrestrained creativity akin to the spontaneity of childhood. 

My Space
20.000 euros

200 x 300cm, Mixed media and phosphorescent paint, triple scene painting, 2022

"My Space," stands as one of Green's most profound triple scene paintings, conceived as a form of art therapy to navigate the enduring phycholgical and emotional abuse she faced. In this evocative work, Green depicts herself as an astronaut, isolated and protectively positioned atop her own world. Enveloped by the illumination of her stars, she contemplates the stark choices of fight or flight. The painting poignantly captures her deep-seated fear of the repercussions of both compliance and defiance. In a gesture of temporary surrender, she unfurls a white flag inscribed with the plea, " I just need Space." Surrounding this flag 12 Zodiac signs emerge from the third scene, guiding her towards various typographies where she seeks refuge and solace.

Small Acts of Kindness
20.000 euros

200 x 300cm, Mixed media and phosphorescent paint, triple scene painting, 2024

Green presents us with one of her renowned jumping series 'Small Acts of Kindness,' this work was exhibited at Palazzo degli Prigioni, Venice, Italy. In the second scene, her new style emerges, marked by majestic highlighted cascades. This innovative technique of silky liquid imbues the piece with an ethereal sense of softness and wonder. 

The boy's leap across the platforms symbolises the support he finds amid the turmoils of his experiences. The flowers, depicted with symbolic strength, anchor the painting, granting the boy the confidence to continue his journey. 

At its core, this work underscores the vital importance of support from one's surroundings, illustrating how acts of kindness can cultivate an environment where kindness is reciprocated. 

Freedom of Colours III
14.000 euros

200 x 200cm, Mixed media and phosphorescent paint, triple scene painting, 2021

"Freedom of Colours III" signifies a notable advancement in Green's esteemed "Freedom of Colours" series, first introduced to the public in New York in 2017. This series is celebrated for its deep exploration of themes such as liberty and self-expression, particularly in the face of cultural and identity constraints. 

In "Freedom of Colours III," Green employs a harmonious blend of abstract and figurative styles to create a visual narrative that speaks to the human spirit's yearning for freedom. The abstraction in her work evokes a sense of boundlessness, with vibrant, unconfined colours symbolising the myriad possibilities of self-expression. Meanwhile, the figurative elements ground the work, connecting these themes to tangible human experiences. Green's sophisticated use of colour and form challenges the viewer to reconsider the limits imposed by societal norms. The painting is a compelling call to break free from predefined notions of what should or should not be, encouraging a limitless outlook. This work not only enhances the visual appeal but also deepens the philosophical dialogue around individuality and liberation, making it a significant contribution to contemporary art discourse. 

A Thousand Miles
18.500 euros

300 x 200cm, Mixed media and phosphorescent paint, triple scene painting, 2021

"A Thousand Miles," the largest painting in Green's renowned canyon series, draws inspiration from early American paintings. This captivating piece depicts two boys attempting to find their bearings after their plane lands precariously on the edge of a cliff. Green masterfully plays with perspective, inviting viewers to shift their gaze from the initial excitement of the unknown typography to the overwhelming vastness of the canyon. 

A notable element in the painting is a sign that reads, " Just because my path is different, does not mean I am lost," a poignant reminder of the importance of independent navigation through lifers intricate and multifaceted landscapes. This piece delves deeply into the nature of personal fear, underscoring the idea that fear is intensely personal experience, one that can only be confronted and tamed by the individual.

Pirate Adventure II
13.500 euros

200 x 180cm, Mixed media and phosphorescent paint, triple scene painting, 2021

Veronica Green's impressionist paintings are a captivating fusion of traditional and collage techniques, demonstrating her innovative approach to the genre. Her recurring motif of pirates serves as a strong symbol of inner strength and resilience. These figures, often depicted in moments of solitude, embody the courage required to navigate and resist the corruption that pervades society. 

Green's work invited viewers to reflect on the dichotomy between innocence and deceit. Through her nuanced use of colour and texture, she highlights the profound value of honesty and purity. Her pirates, though seemingly rugged and rebellious, represent a deeper moral integrity that stands in stark contrast to the falsehoods that often dominate contemporary culture. In each piece, Green challenges us to reconsider our perceptions of virtue and vice, urgina return to fundamental truths. Her art not only captures the eye with its vivid and dynamic compositions but also engages the mind, prompting a deeper contemplation of the human condition and the enduring power of authentic character.

8.500 euros

120 x 90cm, Mixed media and phosphorescent paint, triple scene painting, 2023

Veronica Green's "Garden" masterfully intertwines the luminous qualities of impressionism with the textured depth of traditional painting techniques and collage. In this evocative piece, Green brings to life the teme of simplicity, beautifully illustrating the profound impact of small acts of kindness, such a tender gesture of offering a freshly picked flower. The artwork's layered composition invites viewers to reflect on the gentle beauty found in everyday moments and the enduring significance of human connection. Through her innovative approach, Green elevates these fleeting instances, transforming them into a lasting celebration of kindness and simplicity.

Fish Pond
7.000 euros

100 x 70cm, Mixed media and phosphorescent paint, triple scene painting, 2023

In this evocative painting, Green masterfully captures a poignant biographical moment through the serene yet powerful imagery of a boy engaged in the meditative act of fishing. The boy, poised over a pond teeming with colossal koi, serves a metaphor for the artisti's journey through life's trials. The distinct composition of the scene, viewed from a bird's-eye perspective, emphasises themes of perseverance, strength, courage, and patience - qualities that Green drew upon during her own significant battles. This figurative work not only highlights the tranquility of the moment but also invites viewers to reflect on their capacities for resilience and fortitude. 

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