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My Space | 200 x 300cm | Triple scene painting | 2022


My space, is one of Greens most significant pieces. It is the first painting to contain 12 Zodiac signs that can be viewed in both the second and third scenes of her painting.

The zodiac signs are used to make reference to time and navigating that time through what we achieve and the relationships we form.

Greens interest in space goes beyond the celestial and terrestrial to that conceptual need we have as humans to evoke a stimulating mental process. It is through that process that dreams are formed and we become empowered.

The first scene of this painting Green presents us with an astronaut boy sitting on top of the world, with the moon suspended above him. A white flag in surrender with the words “I just need Space,” is pitched next to the astronaut, a relatable term we use when we are trying to gather our thoughts.

MY SPACE . 2022

€ 20.000,00Price
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