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My Space | 200 x 300cm | Triple scene painting | 2022 ( First scene )

Triple scene paintings refer to  one painting changing from one scene to the next under the influence of light or absence of.


Conceptually they evoke and challenge the PAC model provoking different states of engagement from parent to adult to child. Green is interested in creating a psychological subversive experience by triggering nostalgia within the subconscious memory.


Greens uses phosphorescent paint as her principal medium to help facilitate this change and uses ultraviolet light to charge the pigment.


The first scene is portrayed under natural light, unveiling the true painting or reality painting. Here we can view the work more strongly in the adult or parent state.

My Space | 200 x 300cm | Triple scene painting | 2022 ( Second scene )

The second scene is viewed under ultraviolet light activating the phosphorescent paint to portray the main character surrounded by constellations and sprinkles of starry skies. Here in this silence the artist provokes a connection with your inner child and an opportunity for you to escape into your subconscious mind.

The third scene is the absence of light and the resonance of the charged phosphorescent paint creating a field of stars and constellations that boom out of the darkness and engulf us. This third scene is the acceptance of us as all inner-child, adult and parent state, interconnected as the light disappears.

My Space | 200 x 300cm | Triple scene painting | 2022 ( Third scene )

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