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The making of painting 'My Space'
Venice, Italy 2023

I make art as a means of maintaining and nurturing my own personal well being. The meditative act of painting allows a temporary escape from reality, thereby igniting introspective cognitive though processes; an inner reflection if you will. Revelling in an inimitable silence that allows me to fell like I'm completely myself without the burden or weight of self-doubt. It's an opportunity for the subconscious to speak uncensored and without interruption- no bad ideas, no right or wrong, but a safe haven where mistakes do not exist. It is through this process that I am able to respond honestly and intuitively to other aspects of my life.

Throughout my career I have discovered multiple sources of inspiration which have informed my work; travel, difference, the new. Naturally, I have also been inspired by many artists and certain aspects of their artwork, drawing inspiration from the variety of techniques and materials used - the overall effect of which has helped me to grow as an artist. The work “Faust” by Anna Inhof created for the German pavilion of the Venice Biennale in 2017 deeply resonated with me and increased my awareness of the social engagement needed to create a great work of art. I also remain intrigued by the work of James Turrel, Yayoi Kusama, Marina Abramovic as well as children’s books.


Over the years, there have been major developments in my work, the most significant being from 2008 where architectural dream-like landscapes saw the introduction of figurative elements and the prominence of collage in 2009. 2012 is when I began experimenting with phosphorescent paint and subsequently incorporating it into my practice as a staple medium. In 2013 the double scene was formally introduced, in 2020 black paintings and the ‘Limitless series’ saw the third scene of my works become central. Perhaps not surprisingly, each of these periods marked tumultuous events in my private life.


I would say that, ultimately, my practice reveals my general attitude to life; take what is thrown at you with a sense of romance, humour and levity. I believe that art serves multiple purposes but the most important should be that of creating an irreversible, positive impression on the viewer.

I would like my audience to walk away with a feeling of wonder and nostalgia, awakening their inner child. I invite my observers to take a dip into the world I have created and, if nothing else, to experience a humorous and inspirational moment that reminds us we are doing great outside of the confines of the canvas.

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