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Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds
  • Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

    € 23.700,00Price

    300 x 400cm 

    Mixed media and phosphorescent painting

    Glow in the dark, Triple scene painting,




    During a very transformative period in Greens life, at the beginning of 2020 she started to explore the subject of space. In February she was selected to do an artist in Residency at Chateau d’Orquevaux where she produced her ‘Limitless series.’


    Predominantly painting scenes of children looking at the moon from earth, Green was interested in recreating the indulging sensation of isolation and disconnect felt when one thinks about the mysterious world away from our planet. As our minds take us to the overwhelming black mass ornated with stars; all of our day to day problems fade as if reminded of the scale of their insignificance.


    These new paintings evolved to transform what would normally be considered the second scene into the first. A third scene was simultaneously introduced at this time to push this even further and dominate both the first and second.


    “Inner worlds/Outer Worlds,” is a progression of this series of work, in this particular painting we are taken beyond the familiar stars, earth and moon and are placed directly in front of a milk way.


    We are presented with a young girl hugging her teddy bear as she sits on a jetty and stares out into the milky way surrounded by the black abyss of stars. A white flag in surrender with the words “ The best view comes after the hardest climb.”


    Green makes reference to her own childhood here, the jetty a reminder of the days she spent fishing as kid accompanied by her most favourite companion “Teddy.” It was on this jetty that they spoke of their dreams and wandered what lay behind the sky.

    Everything was possible and there were no limits to ones sense of freedom, a stark contrast to today’s consistent lockdowns and restrictions. This painting is an opportunity for us to escape our now controlled reality to a world that still remains safe and peaceful with no judgement, controls, tests or restrictions. We still own the world we create, you just need to look inside yourself to explore it.

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