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Milan, Italy
Somewhere Under the Rainbow
31.03.2011 -13.05.2011


"Somewhere Under the Rainbow" is a series of works created by Veronica Green, inspired by castles, romantic architecture, folk art, and her personal experiences. Though these works, the artist expresses herself with delicate decorations and compositions that range from complex to simple and essential.


word of the moose
from russia with love
never never land
wizard of oz

This series highlights architectural elements such as towers, castles, churches, and houses, places that represent protection, love, and strength. They are refuges where we find comfort and safety.

Veronica Green explores the fundamental themes of her poetics using a symbolic visual language. Her work combine colours, familiar structures, animals, road signs, flora and folklore, creating a world rich in meaning and beauty.

"Somewhere Under the Rainbow" is a metaphor for the personal, romantic, and idealistic journey, a blend of experience, refuge, power and control. Being under the rainbow represents the understanding that what seems unattainable can usually be found here, on solid ground within our reach.

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