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TUE - SUN 11.00-19.30
Fondamenta Sant'Anna 996, Castello, 30122, Venice 

Contemporary New Zealand artist, Veronica Green presents ‘From Where I Stand ,’ in Venice Art Projects ’  during the 2024, 60th Edition of the  Venice Biennale of Art ‘ Foreigners Everywhere.'This exhibition explores our identity based on two interrogatives; Who and What we are. Green is interested in who we are and our personal perspective of that definition, the contribution of our life experience and how that has attributed to the Who. Contextually, Green, provides us with a sense of freedom and belonging, defining each persons ability to carry their own sense of Who in any physical location. The What, as Green believes, is the identity that others give to us, consequentially making us a foreigner where ever we stand.

Presented are two large abstract paintings each owning Greens renowned technique to transform into three different scenes. Weaved with paint and mixed media, Green, references cloaks – korowai to represent a mantle of prestige, leadership, and responsibility in how we view our identity and the influence that has on our environment. The first scene of the painting is under natural light, the second under ultra violet light igniting the phosphorescent and fluorescent paint and the third, emission of phosphorescent paint in the absence of light. The three different scenes allow us to view our sense of self from varying perspectives.


Green exhibited during the 59th Edition of the Venice Biennale of Art ‘The Milk of Dreams’ with her exhibition ’10 Minute Windows,’ and more recently at Mudac, Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts – Lausanne featuring in ‘Space is the Place.’

200 x 400cm, Mixed media and phosphorescent paint, triple scene painting, 2024

Chaos to Order
200 x 200cm, Mixed media and phosphorescent paint, triple scene painting, 2024


Kakahu(cloak), New Zealand, 1850 -1891 Museums Victoria.
Ngati Paoa, Waikato District



Barraud, Charles Decimus 1822-1897: Rangihaeta

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