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Venice, Italy
From Where I Stand


Fondamenta Sant'Anna 996, Castello, 30122, Venice 
12.04-18.07.2024 | Tue - Sun 11.00 -19.30

Veronica Green, the celebrated contemporary New Zealand artist, brings her latest exhibition, 'From Where I Stand,' to the 60th Edition of the Venice Biennale of Art, under the auspices of Venice Art Projects. This exhibition, in line with the overarching theme ' Foreigners Everywhere,' offers a profound exploration of identity, driven by two central interrogatives: Who and What we are.

From Where I Stand, Venice Art Projects


Chaos to Order

Barraud, Charles Decimus 1822-1897: Rangihaeta


Kakahu(cloak), New Zealand, 1850 -1891 Museums Victoria.
Ngati Paoa, Waikato District


In 'From Where I Stand,' Green engages with the intricate dynamics of identity formation. She delves into the 'Who'- our self-definition shaped by personal experiences and perspectives. Green champions the notion of individual freedom and belonging, emphasising that each person carries their sense of self across diverse physical locations. In contrast the 'What' represents the external identities imposed upon us, positioning us as perpetual foreigners regardless of where we stand.

Central to this exhibition are two expansive abstract paintings, each exemplifying Green's renowned ability to metamorphose her works into three distinct scenes. Through a masterful blend of paint and mixed media, Green draws inspiration from traditional Maori cloaks - korowai-symbols of prestige, leadership and responsibility. These elements serve a poignant metaphors for the interplay between personal identity and external perception.

The paintings are designed to be experienced un three different lights: natural light reveals the first scene, ultraviolet light ignites the phosphorescent and fluorescent paints for the second scene, an in total darkness, the phosphorescent paint emits the third scene. This tripartite approach encourages viewers to contemplate their sense of self from multiple shifting perspectives. 

Veronica Green's illustrious career includes notable exhibitions such as '10 Minute Windows' at the 59th Venice Biennale ('The Milk of Dreams') and her recent participation in 'Space is the Place' at Mudac, Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts in Lausanne. 'From Where I Stand' promises to be a compelling addition to her oeuvre, offering an evocative inquiry into the multifaceted nature of identity.

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