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Hong Kong, Hong Kong, My Window, Your View


19.04. 2018 - 05.06.2018

Van Rensburg Galleries is pleased to present " Whimsical Pockets," and enchanting new exhibition by artist Veronica Green in New York. This collection of double scene paintings delves into the fanciful experiences of mystery, discovery, loss, and memory that permeate our lives.


pirate adventure-original
southern lights-large
The World is Your Oyster
room of dreams-large
freedom of colours-large
the grand leap- original
new heights original 1
perfect spot-large
cheerful whistling-large
road trip-large

Green's work evokes the simple yet profound act of reaching into our pockets, whether empty or full, and discovering hidden treasures. This symbolic gesture becomes a gateway to our emotions and personal histories, inviting viewers to explore the seams of their hidden selves. Through this exploration, we retrieve and recover what we cannot disregard finding list objects and memories that challenge us to place them within new realities. 

"Whimsical Pockets" offers a compelling narrative that encourages viewers to embrace the ephemeral nature of memory and the significance of seemingly lost objects. Green's paintings create a dialogue that resonates with each individual's journey of discovery, making this exhibition a must-see for those seeking to connect with their inner worlds. 

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