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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Beyond The Brick Wall

01.03. 2017 - 20.03.2017

Van Rensburg Galleries is delighted to announce "Beyond the Brick Wall," an evocative solo exhibition by contemporary artist Veronica Green, as part of Hong Kong Art Week. Featuring 26 captivating works, this exhibition delves deep into the intertwining of imagination, dreams and determination.


The Conqueror
Golden Worlds
Fishing for the Sky
Hide and Seek
Summer Jump
I am a Pirate

Green's art transcends conventional boundaries, presenting a vibrant exploration of breaking through constraints and confronting life's challenges with unwavering energy and optimism. Each piece serves as a testament to the boundless vision of our inner child, who perceives the world in hues of infinite possibility rather than limitations. 

Through her dynamic canvases, Green invites us to gaze through her portholes - windows piercing through today's revealing a world brimming with color, nuance, and beauty. " Beyond the Brick Wall" is more than an exhibition,it is an invitation to reimagine our realities and to find inspiration in the uncharted territories of our own potential.

Join us at Van Rensburg Galleries for this remarkable journey into a world where imagination reigns supreme and ever challenge is met with a spirited embrace of possibility.

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