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Veronica Green (1984) Welington, New Zealand combines a myriad of details symbolic themes, and historical and personal iconography synthesised in one image as a richly dense network of references. In this exhibition Green invites the viewers to explore the relationship that they have with their own shadow and question its history, the topic of the double animism and symbology.

To analyse the shadow is tantamount to a sui generis psychoanalysis, Green challenges her dark side of undesired traits, escaping, separating, facing and acknowledge that the prism of light that each person contains is very much a form of accepting their own identity. 

Phosphorescent paint is used to draw attention to both real and fictitious elements of the works as the canvas is transformed by the presence or lack of light. Her works communicate on various levels of interpretation and formal realisation, in a daylight nature emerges in a poignant yet deceptive landscape, but in darkness a different scene of dreamy allure develops. Light becomes the key element to the work as it encompasses the space around it to engage the viewer in a continuous state of flux between immersion and emersion.

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