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Venice, Italy,

Small Acts of Kindness​

01.03. 2024 - 17.03.2024

The "Small Acts of Kindness" exhibition serves as a poignant reminder of humanity's capacity for goodness. Veronica Green's two large paintings, radiant with phosphorescent and fluorescent light, are suspended in a gentle purple glow, creating an ethereal atmosphere of support and connection.


Be Kind
Small Acts of Kindness

Renowned for her triple scene compositions, Green presents only the second scene in this exhibition. This scene, representing the perspective of you inner child, encourages viewers to abandon their formed perceptions and engage with the art from an uninformed, pure viewpoint. The other two scenes are accessible by request, offering a deeper, more personal engagement for those who choose to explore further.


Hosted at the Palazzo delgi Prigioni, "Small Acts of Kindness" stands in deliberate contrast to the neighbouring "Malficient" exhibition, which delves into the dark history of torture. In this serene and contemplative space, we are reminded that a simple act of kindness can have a profound impact, as you never know what someone else might be enduring. ​

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