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"Invisible boundaries, personal or geographical challenge us to make decisions based on the limitations we create." And so unfolds the idea at the heart of the new series by Green.


Creating mystical landscapes through paint and mixed media, replete with surreal symbolism, these landscapes present conundrums or choices that we must the confront and rationalise. Employing children in her work, Green seeks to remind us of a younger time when perhaps we didn't see the invisible boundaries that seem so palpable to us as adults. Children - full of curiosity and imagination, and unconditioned by expectation or custom so often seek to innocently push through or transgress those boundaries that, as we get older seem to become more insurmountable.


There is always a choice not to explore, not to leap, not to push forward. But then the mystical beauty of life, as conveyed in the rich and symbolic textures on the canvas, will not reveal themselves to us, and we will not revel in these beautiful contexts which Green creates so skilfully and whimsically.

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