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New York, USA, Invisible Boundaries

01.03. 2019 - 20.03.2019

"Invisible Boundaries" is an evocative exhibition that challenges viewers to contemplate the personal and geographical limitations influence our decisions. At the heart of this compelling series by Green are eight paintings that transform dramatically under different lighting conditions-one scene illuminated by natural light, and another revealed through the use of ultraviolet and phosphorescent paint.


My Dear Bear
The Long Adventure
Aim High
The World is Your Oyster
Pirate Adventure
Candy Shop
Road Trip
Next Stop

Green masterfully constructs mystical landscapes through paint and mixed media, each replete with surreal symbolism. These landscapes serve as conundrums, urging viewers to confront and rationalise their choices. By featuring children in her work, Green harks back to a time when we were unencumbered by the invisible boundaries that loom so large in adulthood. Children, with their boundless curiosity and unconditioned imagination, often transgress these barriers that, as we age, seem increasingly insurmountable.

The exhibition posits a profound choice: to remain within our self-imposed limits, or to explore and push forward. Choosing the former means missing out on the mystical beauty of life, captured so exquisitely in Green's rich and symbolic canvases. Her art beckons us to embrace the unknown, to leap forward, and to revel in the whimsical and enchanting worlds she so skilfully creates. 

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