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Venice, Italy

10 Minute Windows​


19.04. 2022 - 05.06.2022


Veronica Green's "10 - Minute Window" exhibition at the 59th Venice Biennale heralds a significant moment in contemporary art, marking her first live exhibition following the pandemic. This solo show introduces a groundbreaking approach with her triple-scene paintings, featuring phosphorescent paint that reveals itself under darkness, transforming with alternating light settings.


Out of My Space
The Divine Dream
Alice's World
Green Lagoon

The exhibition's concept is ingeniously tied to the performative act of opening and closing windows at 10-minute intervals. This mirrors the daily ritual of Venetian residents who manipulate light through their "veneziane" shutters. Green's work is an exploration of this interaction, allowing her audience to fully experience the duality inherent in her art and the city of Venice. 

Compromising five meticulously crafted artworks, the show encourages viewers to engage with the pieces in varying light conditions. The fluorescent pigment used by Green is pivotal, designed to be visible in darkness, thereby unveiling different layers and meanings as light shifts. This interplay of light and shadow not only reveals the ambivalence of the pieces but also provides a profound, almost meditative, viewing experience.

"10 - Minute Window" is more than an exhibition, it is an invitation to pause, to nurture the inner child, and to revisit personal dreams and aspirations. The opening and closing of windows become a symbolic gesture, a nod to Venice's cultural essence and its pictureque views of canals, calli and palazzos.

Through this innovative exhibition, Veronica Green masterfully intertwines art, performance, and the unique ambiance of Venice, offering a space for contemplation and connection with one's inner self. This show is a testament to her ability to transform everyday actions into profound artistic statements.

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