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Veronica Green (born 1984, Wellington New Zealander) is a painter of Italian and Polish descent based in Venice Italy. 

Know for her triple scene paintings, Green delves into themes of personal and social identity, challenging stereotypes and conventions related to gender, sexuality, race, nationality and heritage.

After earing a BFA (Hons) from Massey University, Wellington, in 2006, Green began exhibiting extensively. Her early work, during a 2008 residency at Spiazzi Gallery in Venice, focused on religion, symbolism, an mythology, influenced by her rich cultural heritage. 

From 2009 to 2012, represented by Movimento Arte Contemporanea Gallery in Milan, Green explored new themes and experimented with phosphorescent paint, culminating in her 2013 solo exhibition L'Era delle Stelle" at Ego Gallery, Lugano. 

In 2015, her residency at 30 Upstairs Gallery in Wellington resulted in the exhibition  "The Light is my Shadow." Joining Van Rensburg Galleries in 2016, Green's work in New York and Hong Kong highlighted the conflicts within the "inner child," using humpr and positivity.

Green's practice evolved significantly in 2020 with a triple scene painting technique developed during a residency at Chateau d'Orquevauzx, France. This technique was showcased in her 2022 exhibition "10 Minute Windows" at the 59th Venice Biennale of Art, addressing themes like the Anthropocene Epoc, the PAC model, and the pandemic.

In 2023, Green exhibited in "Space is the Place," at the Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (Mudac) in Lausanne. Her 2024 exhibition "Small Acts of Kindness" at Palazzo degli Prigioni focused on person accountability. Greens latest exhibition " From Where I Stand" at the 60th Venice Biennale explores identity and environmental influence. Greens is recent  abstract paintings are stemmed to her research and focus on the Ecological Valance Theory.


Artist Statement
This is me, this is how I am.

I create art as a means of maintaining and nurturing my personal well-being. The meditative act of painting provides a temporary escape from reality, igniting introspective cognitive processes and fostering inner reflection. It allows me to revel in an inimitable silence where I can be completely myself, free from the burden of self-doubt. This process offers a safe haven where mistakes fo not exist, and the subconscious can speak uncensored and uninterrupted -there are no bad ideas, no right or wrong.

Through this practice, I can respond honestly and intuitively to other aspects of my life. My career has been shaped by experiences such as travel, exposure to different cultures, and new encounters. Naturally I have also drawn inspiration from many artist and aspects of their work, appreciating the variety of techniques and materials they employ, which has helped me grow as an artist.

The work " Faust" by Anna Inhof, created for the German pavilion of the Venice Biennale in 2017, deeply resonated with me and heightened my awareness of the social engagement necessary to create great art. I am also intrigued by the works of James Turrell and Marina Abramovic, as well as the simplicity and wonder found in children's books. 

Over the years, my work has undergone significant developments. In 2008, my architectural dream-like landscapes began incorporating figurative elements. By 2009, collage became a prominent feature in my work . In 2012, I started experimenting with phosphorescent paint, which has since become a staple medium in my practice. In 2013, I formally introduced the double scene, and by 2020, the black paintings and the 'Limitless series' marked the emergence of a third scene central to my works. 2024, focus on abstraction.

Each of these periods coincided with tumultuous events in my private life. Ultimately, my practice reflects my general attitude toward life: to take what is thrown at you with a sense of romance, humour and levity. I believe that art serves multiple purposes, but the most important is to create an irreversible, positive impression n the viewer. I aim for my audience to leave with a feeling of wonder and nostalgia, awakening their inner child. I invite my observes to immerse themselves in the world I have created and, if nothing else, to experience a humorous and inspirational moment that reminds us we are doing great outside the confines of the canvas.


Selected Exhibitions


60th Venice Biennale of Art,

Venice Art Projects "From Where I Stand ."

Solo Exhibition |  2024  

Palazzo degli Prigioni, Venice, Italy

"Small Acts of Kindness"

Solo Exhibition |  2024

Mudac ( Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Lausanne, Switzerland. 

"Space is the Place"

Group Exhibition | 2024 - 23 

Biennale Services, Venice, Italy. 

"Brighten Dark Spaces"

Solo Exhibition | 2024 - 23 

59th Venice Biennale of Art,

Biennale Spaces "10 Minute Window ."

Solo Exhibition | 2022 

Artist in Residency - Chateux Orquaveux, Orquaveux, France - Awarded AiR Grant | 2020

Van Rensburg Galleries,

New York, USA "Invisible Boundaries ."

Solo Exhibition | 2019 

Van Rensburg Galleries,

New York, USA "My Window, Your View ."

Solo Exhibition | 2018 

Van Rensburg Galleries,

New York, USA "Whimsical Pockets ."

Solo Exhibition | 2018

Van Rensburg Galleries,

Hong Kong, "Beyond the Brick Wall."

Solo Exhibition | 2017

Cospace Gallery,

Shanghai, China "Golden Worlds ."

Solo Exhibition | 2016

Black Astericks Gallery,

Auckland, New Zealand "White Cloud, Golden Horizon ."

Solo Exhibition | 2016 -15

Upstairs Gallery,

Wellington, New Zealand "The Light of My Shadow ."

Solo Exhibition | 2015

Artist in Residency - 30 Upstairs Gallery, Wellington New Zealand | 2015

Venice in a Bottle,

Venice, Italy "Light, Land-scape."

Solo Exhibition | 2015

Ego Gallery,

Lugano, Switzerland "L'era Delle Stelle."

Solo Exhibition | 2013

Movimento Arte Contemporanea Gallery,

Milano, Italy "Somewhere Under the Rainbow."

Solo Exhibition | 2012

MIART (International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art) Movimento Arte Contemporanea

Milano, Italy | 2010 -11- 12 

ArtVerona (International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art) Movimento Arte Contemporanea

Venice, Italy | 2010 -11- 12 

Melori and Rosenburg Art Gallery,

Venice, Italy "Atlantis."

Solo Exhibition | 2009 

Movimento Arte Contemporanea Gallery,

Milano, Italy "Forbidden Cities."

Solo Exhibition | 2009 

Movimento Arte Contemporanea Gallery,

Milano, Italy "The Temptress."

Solo Exhibition | 2008

Melori and Rosenburg Art Gallery,

Venice, Italy "Once Upon a Time."

Solo Exhibition | 2008

Spiazzi Galleria,

Venice, Italy "Colombi, Santi o Peccatori."

Solo Exhibition | 2008

Artist in Residency - Spiazzi Gallery, Venice, Italy | 2008

Expressions Gallery,

Upperhutt, New Zealand "Drift with Me."

Solo Exhibition | 2008

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