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Veronica Green

My paintings explore the intricate layers of human identity and perception.

By creating artworks that reveal different scenes under natural light, ultraviolet light, and in complete darkness, I invite viewers to reflect on the multifaceted nature of their own selves. Each scene represents a different spect of existence: the visible exterior, the hidden subconscious, and the core essence that emerges in solitude. This dynamic interplay between light and darkness, visibility and invisibility, mirrors the complexities of our inner and outer worlds.

Three Scenes, Three Perspectives: The Art of Veronica Green

1. Natural Light Scene:

This scene represents the everyday, visibile reality. It's how we present ourselves to the world and how others typically perceive us. In the natural light scene, Green employs traditional painting techniques to create a world of striking detail and coherence. Using conventional materials, the artist captures the essence of our public persona, the exterior we navigate and display in our daily lives. This layer offers a glimpse to the tangible environment, reflecting the societal roles and identities we assume.

2. UV Light Scene:

Under ultraviolet light, phosphorescent and fluorescent paint reveals hidden aspects of the painting. This can symbolise the subconscious, hidden desires, fears, or truths that are not immediately visible in the regular light of day.  Green masterfully integrates UV- reactive paints to unveil a hidden dimension when illuminated by ultraviolet light. This second layer transforms the subconscious, exposing underlying emotions, dreams, and internal conflicts. Through this technique, the artist invites us to explore the depths of our psyche, uncovering the intricate web of desires and fears that lie beneath our conscious awareness.

2. Phosphorescent Emission Scene:

In complete darkness, the phosphorescent paints emit a glow that reveals another layer of painting. This represents the innermost self, the essence of one's being that exists beyond external perceptions and internal complexities.  The final scene revealed in complete darkness, showcases Green's use of phosphorescent paints to create a luminous, ethereal world. This glowing layer represents the core essence of our being, an intimate exploration of the spiritual and introspective self. It is a poignant reminder of the deeper truths and serene states of peace that exist beyond the visible and the subconscious, highlighting the artist's ability to convey profound philosophical insights through the medium of light.

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